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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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CBD Coffee

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CBD honey sticks

Lucky Lavender

CBD Essential Oil - Lavender
- Promotes Better Rest
- Balances Mood
- Improve Cognitive Impairment

Potent Peppermint

CBD Essential Oil - Peppermint
- Promotes Energy/Focus
- Cool Fatigued Muscles
- Reduce Nausea

Loveable Lemon

CBD Essential Oil - loveable lemon
- Combats Anxious Feelings
- Mood Booster
- Supports Skin Health

Enchanting Eucalyptus

cbd essential oil - enchanting eucalyptus
-Boosts Mental Clarity
- Easier Breathing
- Ease Joint Discomfort

Fancy Frankincense

cbd essential oil - francy frankincense
- Supports Skin Health
- Boost Immune System
- Anti-Aging Properties

Timeless Tea Tree

CBD Essential Oil - Tea Tree
- Support Skin Health
- Sooth Skin Inflammation
- Boost Wound Healing

Intensive Relief Rub 2000mg

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Relief Roll-On 1500mg

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Relief Salve 2000mg

cbd relief salve 2000mg
Powerful Relief for Sore Muscles

Renu Revitalize Cream

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Timeless Care Cream

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AMPM Moisturizing Cream

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Hemp Healthy Naturals CBD Coffee benefits start when your day gets an instant shot of energy without the jitters. Enjoy our “smart blend” which is perfectly paired with Columbian coffee, espresso, and other natural ingredients. With our broad spectrum hemp extract rich in CBD provides you with 25mg of CBD per cup. Give it a go today and find out why it is the Very Best!

25mg CBD Per Cup 30 Cups Per Container

Our Coffee Is Something Special

Sustainable wellness through nature is yours with our gourmet CBD coffee from Hemp Healthy Naturals. A proprietary mix of Colombian coffee, espresso, and other natural ingredients. Enjoy CBD coffee benefits with 25mg of CBD per serving. Upgrade your morning with our flavorful Smart Blend CBD coffee and enjoy beautifully balanced energy. Over 750mg of CBD per 30 count container. Just add hot water for a great-tasting cup of coffee.

Our Coffee Is A Perfect Morning Pick Me Up

According to statistical reports, 64% of American adults consume coffee daily. The average American drinks up to 3.1 cups of coffee per day. Doesn’t it make sense to drink CBD-infused coffee that can provide clarity, focus, and energy with each delicious cup?

CBD Infused Coffee Beans

Hemp Healthy Naturals leaves no stone unturned when using the highest manufacturing processes available to produce our coffee. By using organic hemp grown here in the U.S. and using good manufacturing processes and quality assurance controls, we’re in a position to bring you a high-grade Columbian blend that surpasses your expectations of how a CBD coffee should taste.

How To Make CBD Coffee

CBD isolate products or liposomes are the best to add to coffee, but it’s much easier to buy ready-made coffee with CBD already in it. Ready-made CBD coffee benefits taste delicious and maintain its potency when you combine it with hot water. Anyone can blend CBD into ground coffee, but in order to preserve the 25mg of CBD per you have to make sure its not lost in the brewing process combined with heat and water pressure. With most other coffees, the CBD potency is lost in the brewing process. We guarantee that 25 mg of CBD goes into each and every delicious cup and we know you’re going to feel the difference.

The Benefits of CBD and Coffee Together

Since coffee with high concentrations of caffeine can have you feeling a bit jittery or even anxious, we paid close attention to the formulation of caffeine and CBD. As a result, this consistency is beneficial in providing you with a compelling blend that leaves you blissfully satisfied. Our Coffee will provide you with a safe, effective, and delicious morning treat with CBD coffee benefits.

Our Coffee Can Boost Your Mood

Coffee has been the drink of choice for those who want that extra boost in the morning. Coffee is already a contributing factor to an elevated mood and perceived increase in energy. More and more people are using caffeine as a workout supplement. Infused with CBD, you get a mood enhancer and the energized feeling to start your busy day. The neurotropic effects help with focus and clarity and may help you increase your daily productivity.

Can Enhance Your Focus and Clarity

Since coffee with high concentrations of caffeine can have you feeling a bit jittery or even anxious, we paid close attention to the formulation of caffeine and CBD. As a result, this consistency is beneficial in providing you with an effective blend that leaves you blissfully satisfied. The benefits of Hemp Healthy Naturals’ coffee are safe, effective, delicious, and very easy to take on the go.

Our Neurotropic CBD Coffee Benefits May Enhance Your Ability to Focus on Complex Tasks

The Bold, rich flavor of our coffee is infused with quality ingredients you need to glide through a long day. Rich and smooth, yet uniquely bold and perfectly balanced our coffee is perfect whether your drinking it black, or steaming up some milk to make yourself a blended latte or mocha.

One cup of our coffee provides you with plenty of Energy, Focus, and clarity making your morning routine smooth sailing. Our proprietary blend is carefully formulated to send you on your way open-eyed while providing an optimistic, carefree attitude, and giving you the energy you need for your next task.

A Coffee Recipe with CBD

We provide a whole array of CBD choices here on Hemp Healthy Naturals like our full-spectrum CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD gummies, or our infamous CBD intensive relief cream. Our coffee really shines when it comes to those coffee drinkers who really want something special each morning.

If you are a latte person, then this unique recipe combines the creamy texture of an expresso drink (remember, our coffee already is mixed with espresso beans) and a drink with a sprinkle of hemp healthy naturals coffee. You can add some hemp milk to the mixture to prepare a sustainable cup to enhance your day. It makes an exceptional combination with our Hemp Healthy Natural’s CBD coffee.
CBD in coffee recipe

CBD Latte Recipe

1 scoop of our Coffee (25mg of CBD)
2 teaspoons of honey, sugar, date syrup, or any sweetener of your choice
1 cup of hemp, almond, or full cream milk
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch of salt

CBD Coffee Wholesale

When looking for a high-quality CBD coffee that your customers are going to love, you can be assured of Hemp Healthy Naturals coffee is the best on the market. Rather than coat coffee beans with CBD, we mix the CBD into the ground coffee so the CBD potency doesn’t get lost in the brewing or grinding process. We continue to impress our customers with our instant coffee, and now you get our coffee wholesale to serve to your customers.

Wholesale Retail Partners Include:

  • Smaller Cafes & Family Restaurants
  • Hemp & CBD Organic Shops
  • Specialty Markets, Gourmet Shops
  • Health & Wellness Retailers
  • Convenience Stores
  • Natural Food Grocery & Markets

    Our MOU (Minimum Order Units) requirements are low, so you can stay stocked throughout the year and provide your customers with a rich and fulfilling Focus and Energy Neurotropic Coffee every day of the week.

    Want to hear more about this amazing Coffee? Send us an e-mail at [email protected], or give us a call at (916) 352-0211.
checkout our FAQ for CBD-related questions we receive all the time. If you can't find what you're looking for contact our CBD Support Team.
What is CBD coffee?
CBD coffee is coffee that is mixed with cannabidiol extracted from the hemp plant. CBD is often seen in tinctures and is quickly popping up in carbonated water, alcohol, and sports drinks. It can be consumed orally as oil, capsules, or gummies. Hemp Healthy Naturals has mixed it with instant coffee to provide a caffeinated hot (or cold brew) drink that does not give you the jitters. Most people prefer to take CBD orally, and that’s exactly the reason that CBD coffee is becoming quite popular.
What are CBD coffee benefits?
CBD is quickly growing in local coffee shops, and we have a blend that provides 25mg of CBD per scoop. CBD coffee has become a favorite method of consuming CBD. We recommend taking CBD daily, as you will soon find that you must first build up the CBD in your body as many people expect it to work the first time they try it. Most people feel the effects over time, while others feel it go to work right away. Drinking coffee is already part of a daily routine for a lot of people, so CBD coffee is an effortless way to get your daily dose of CBD without having to use oil or capsules each morning. If you’re like most of us, the first thing you do when you get out of bed is make your coffee. So start off the day right and make it a CBD coffee
Can you mix CBD oil with coffee?
Sure, but CBD oil is going to be a bit heavier than water in your coffee, so you may end up losing some milligrams of CBD either at the bottom of your coffee or on the sides of the cup. Why not try our instant CBD coffee and get the most out of each cup?
Where to buy CBD Coffee near me?
Hemp Healthy Naturals can get your CBD coffee right from our online store. Our coffee is already ground, has the right portion scoop in each container, and you won’t lose CBD in the brewing process since all your doing is adding hot water. It’s also great for taking camping, taking on a trip, or if you’re late for work, take it with you and mix it later with hot water.
Will CBD coffee help me sleep?
Coffee is a natural source of caffeine, which can act as a stimulant and make it difficult to fall asleep However, CBD can offset the effects of caffeine by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation In addition, CBD has been shown to improve sleep quality by reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and increasing the duration of deep sleep. So if you're looking for a way to improve your sleep, try drinking some CBD coffee before bed! You may find that it makes all the difference in getting a good night's rest.
Can CBD Coffee Help Me With My Backache?
CBD is also known for its discomfort relieving properties. This means that if you suffer from backaches, or sore muscles, you can drink CBD coffee to help manage it. Many people use CBD Coffee as a daily source of comfort to ease their anxious feeling during the day, and help them get a good night's sleep in the evening.
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Our products contain less than 0.3% THC and are legal in all 50 states
cbd products from hemp healthy naturals
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